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    • Consultancy for the creation of legal personality of commercial entity
    • The preparation of all necessary documents for legal procedures for the registration of commercial entity to Albanian public administration.
    • The preparation of all necessary acts for commercial entity during the exercise of their activity.
    • Following the procedures for the name reservation
    • The preparation of administrative claims
    • The preparation of lawsuits for the abrogation of administrative acts
    • Representation in court
    • The preparation of documents and following the procedures for foreign degrees’ recognition in Republic of Albania
    • Following the procedures and the preparation of documents for the dwelling change

    Law Firm “Duraj” drafts the necessary acts and follows all the procedures for the registration of NPO-s in the court as: the drafting of memorandum of association, statute, claims, representation in court, and following the procedures to state authorities.

  • Our office deals with different aspects of this filed such as :

    • Legal consultation for disagreements regarding to industrial property
    • Preparation and delivery of juridical lawsuit against violations of industrial property objects.
    • The representation of clients in court for industrial property issues, as piracy, counterfeiting, unfair competition and other causes related to it.
    • Legal consultation for disagreement cases regarding with industrial property
    • The preparation of juridical suit-cases against violations of industrial property objects

    Law firm “Duraj” offers full protection of rights on industrial property for: patents, usage models, trademarks and service marks , industrial designs and geographical indicators including obligatory implementation of these rights in Albania.

    • Drafting of labour contracts
    • Consultancy in labour legislation
    • Drafting of lawsuits for persons removed from job
    • Pursuit of court process in all instance for the leavers from jobs
    • Divorce
    • Absolute and relative invalidity of marriage
    • Partition of matrimonial property
    • Recognition of motherhood/fatherhood
    • Disagreement of fatherhood recognition
    • Legal Aid for the realization of adoptions
    • Preparation of acts and defence in the court for the members of family who commit Violence
    • Division of property
    • Drafting testamentary acts
    • Drafting various agreement which brings legal consequences
    • Drafting of various contracts: sale purchase, exchange, donation, lease, venture, transport,usufruct, order, commission, agency, mediation, loan.
    • Verification and registration of real estate in the office of registration of immovable Property
    • Preparation of requests and representation in court for change of name, surname, age
  • Legal studio “Duraj” offer legal aid for foreigners in republic of Albania as :

    • Preparation of documentation for permanent or temporary permit
    • Preparation of documentation for Albanian passport
    • Preparation of documents for work permition
    • Follow of procedures for recognition and equivalence of degree and certificates in Republic of Albania.

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